Mocha Lisa's: Brewing Success Through Innovative Partnerships with Obviad

Adam VanDervoort
October 24, 2023
5 min read

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Capital Region's coffee scene, Mocha Lisa's has long been a beloved fixture, known for its delicious brews and welcoming ambiance. But recently, this local gem took a bold step by joining forces with Obviad, a forward-thinking platform that connects businesses with prominent host venues. This union not only expands Mocha Lisa's reach but also offers businesses a unique opportunity to market in high-traffic locations, specifically large medical facilities in Latham and Albany. What sets this partnership apart is how it allows Mocha Lisa's to earn passive income while providing brands with newfound exposure - a win-win for everyone involved.

Mocha Lisa's: The Heart of the Capital Region's Coffee Scene

Now in Latham & Albany, Mocha Lisa's has earned its place as more than just a coffee shop. It's a hub for the community, where locals and visitors alike gather to savor meticulously brewed coffee, enjoy creative espresso concoctions, and relish in an array of sandwiches and snacks. But what truly sets Mocha Lisa's apart is its dedication to creating a genuine experience for patrons. It's more than just coffee; it's about connections, comfort, and a sense of belonging.

Obviad: A Bridge to Exceptional Exposure

Obviad, a burgeoning platform in the marketing and advertising arena, connects businesses with host venues in strategic locations like medical facilities, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. Their mission is simple - to create mutually beneficial partnerships that enhance the experience of visitors while providing businesses with exposure opportunities they might not have had otherwise.Mocha Lisa's Joins the Obviad NetworkThe partnership between Mocha Lisa's and Obviad was a natural progression. Mocha Lisa's, while maintaining its commitment to the community, was keen on exploring innovative ways help lift other brands.  While doing so, they a new, hassle free way of generating passive income for their business.

Prominent Presence in Medical Facilities

Mocha Lisa's has made a significant mark in large medical facilities in Latham and Albany. These venues cater to diverse groups of people, including patients, families, and medical staff. Mocha Lisa's presence in these locations offers a welcoming and soothing environment for visitors, often providing a sense of normalcy during stressful times.

The Opportunity for Brands

Now, let's dive into what makes this partnership truly exceptional. It provides brands a golden opportunity for exposure. The foot traffic in medical facilities is substantial, and brands can now leverage Mocha Lisa's established presence to market their products or services effectively. Whether it's health-related services or other offerings, this partnership opens doors for businesses to engage with potential customers in a remarkable way.

The Win-Win Situation

What makes the Mocha Lisa's and Obviad partnership even more unique is how it creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. Mocha Lisa's earns passive income by enabling brands to market in their space. On the other side, brands enjoy newfound exposure, all while feeling good that a significant portion of their ad fee goes directly back to supporting Mocha Lisa's and the local community.The partnership between Mocha Lisa's and Obviad epitomizes the concept of mutually beneficial collaboration and innovation within the local business scene. As Mocha Lisa's continues to serve top-notch coffee and provide a welcoming space for its patrons, it is also opening doors for other brands to succeed and connect with the community in meaningful ways. This partnership showcases how when businesses work together, everyone can achieve greater success and create a stronger, more vibrant local economy. It's a win-win that benefits everyone, from the brands and Mocha Lisa's to the community at large.

Adam VanDervoort

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