Obivad Revolutionizes Venue Marketing: A Successful Partnership with Horseshoe Inn

Adam VanDervoort
September 21, 2023
5 min read

In the fast-paced world of advertising, finding innovative ways to reach potential customers is crucial for any startup. Obivad, an advertising startup, has recently made waves by partnering with the renowned Horseshoe Inn, Saratoga Springs, NY, offering an unprecedented opportunity for new brands to market themselves within the venue. The collaboration has proven to be a resounding success, selling out the available advertising space and generating $7,700 in passive revenue for this year's Saratoga Race Course track season. Explore how Obivad and the Horseshoe Inn came together and the impact of their partnership on both businesses.

A New Frontier in Venue Marketing

Traditionally, advertising within exclusive venues such as the Horseshoe Inn has been a privilege reserved for well-established brands with substantial marketing budgets. Smaller or newer brands often struggle to gain visibility in such prestigious locations, limiting their ability to reach their target audience effectively. Obivad recognized this gap in the market and saw an opportunity to bridge it.

Obivad's Unique Approach

Obivad's core proposition is to provide innovative advertising solutions that disrupt traditional marketing paradigms. By leveraging its extensive network and cutting-edge technology, the startup offers brands of all sizes a chance to gain exposure in otherwise unattainable locations. The partnership with the Horseshoe Inn is a prime example of Obivad's commitment to leveling the playing field for emerging brands.

Collaboration Benefits for the Horseshoe Inn

The Horseshoe Inn, a prominent venue known as a Saratoga staple, recognized the potential advantages of partnering with Obivad. By allowing new and lesser-known brands to market within their premises, they could enhance its reputation as a forward-thinking and inclusive establishment. Moreover, the partnership provided a new revenue stream for the inn without requiring substantial investment or effort on their part.

Obivad's Success Story

The partnership between Obivad and the Horseshoe Inn during this year's Saratoga Race Course track season has been nothing short of remarkable. Obivad quickly sold out the available advertising space, indicating the high demand for such an opportunity among emerging brands. This achievement not only demonstrates the effectiveness of Obivad's advertising strategies but also highlights the viability of this approach in the ever-evolving advertising landscape.

Leveling the Playing Field

Perhaps the most significant outcome of this partnership is the newfound opportunities it offers to emerging brands. By allowing them to market in an exclusive venue like the Horseshoe Inn, Obivad enables these brands to reach a wider audience, enhance brand recognition, and potentially compete with more established players. This shift in the advertising landscape empowers startups and creates a more dynamic and diverse marketplace.

Future Possibilities

The success of Obivad and the Horseshoe Inn's partnership opens doors to exciting possibilities for both companies and the advertising industry as a whole. As more venues recognize the benefits of collaboration, we can expect to see a surge in similar partnerships that promote inclusivity, innovation, and revenue generation.

Adam VanDervoort

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