Sipping Success: Bailey's Cafe and Obviad's Win-Win Partnership in the Heart of Saratoga Springs

Phil Farinacci
November 28, 2023
5 min read

In the charming heart of downtown Saratoga Springs, where the energy of Phila and Putnam streets converges, Bailey's Cafe has discovered an innovative way to blend the art of hospitality with the science of passive income. Partnering with Obviad, a trailblazing advertising platform, Bailey's Cafe has transformed its prominent window space into a dynamic revenue stream. This forward-thinking collaboration not only boosts the bar and restaurant's financial standing but also elevates its presence as a local hotspot.

The Intersection of Libations & Lucrative Opportunities:

Bailey's Cafe, renowned for its warm ambiance, craft cocktails & cuisine, recognized the untapped potential of its corner window space at the bustling intersection of Phila and Putnam streets. This high-traffic location presented a golden opportunity for Bailey's to showcase its offerings and create a symbiotic partnership that would benefit both the venue and the community.

Obviad's Role in the Cheers-Worthy Collaboration:

Enter Obviad, an innovative advertising powerhouse that specializes in converting unused spaces into revenue-generating assets. Obviad connects businesses with advertisers seeking prime locations to showcase their products or services, and Bailey's Cafe's coveted window space fit the bill perfectly. With advanced projection technology, Obviad transforms these windows into dynamic mini billboards, projecting visually engaging advertisements.

Raise a Glass to Passive Income:

The Bailey's Cafe and Obviad partnership operates on a simple yet ingenious principle. Obviad's cutting-edge technology projects captivating advertisements onto the cafe's windows, providing a new avenue for advertisers to connect with their target audience. In return, Bailey's Cafe enjoys a steady stream of passive income without compromising the aesthetic appeal of its beloved establishment.

Community Connection through Cocktails and Creativity:

What sets this partnership apart is its impact on the local community. By featuring a mix of local events, promotions, and businesses both local & national on Bailey's Cafe windows, the collaboration fosters a sense of community engagement. As patrons enjoy their favorite cocktails, they also become aware of the happenings in their neighborhood, creating a unique synergy between business, entertainment, and community connection.

Aesthetic Elegance in Projection:

Obviad's technology is more than just a means of advertising—it's an enhancement to Bailey's Cafe's visual identity. The dynamic and ever-changing visuals projected onto the windows add a contemporary and artistic flair to the venue. Passersby are not only drawn to the exciting advertisements but also captivated by the overall aesthetic appeal of Bailey's Cafe on the vibrant corner of Phila and Putnam streets.In the heart of Saratoga Springs, Bailey's Cafe and Obviad have crafted a partnership that epitomizes the fusion of hospitality and innovation. By monetizing their prime window space, Bailey's has turned passive visibility into an active source of income, all while contributing to the local community's vitality. This collaboration stands as a testament to the endless possibilities when businesses embrace creativity and strategic partnerships in the ever-evolving landscape of downtown Saratoga Springs. Cheers to Bailey's Cafe and Obviad for raising the bar in both hospitality and business savvy!

Phil Farinacci

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