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Obviad provides the only platform for businesses to showcase their brands through physical spaces affordably, creatively, effectively and efficiently...all while supporting the businesses that host them!

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Ditch the algorithms, Pay Per Clicks, & Pay Per Views.  Carve out your niche with Obviad.


Choose venues that your target audience frequents. Experiment with the effectiveness of different locations.


Obviads provide high visibility & captive audiences. We'll make you look!


No money wasted on PPC's or PPV's. Obviads are affordable & reusable.

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We work with you to create top notch creative so that your Obviad packs a punch!



"Finding innovative ways to add extra revenue to our venue is always on our radar. Partnering with Obviad has proven to be a fantastic solution for us."

Albany Ninja Lab

Albany Ninja Lab

Obviad Host

By advertising our tournaments at strategic venues such as gyms, sports bars, and local community centers, Obviad has enabled us to reach our target audience of sports enthusiasts and active individuals."

Blaine Drescher

Blaine Drescher

Quick Slant Football
Obviad Advertiser

By advertising our services at popular venues in the community, we have been able to effectively target the exact audience we wanted to reach. We actually closed our first client after less than a week!"

Zane Krumanocker

Zane Krumanocker

Partner | Krum Marketing
Obviad Advertiser

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